Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Visit from Grandma & Grandpa

My Mom and Dad are visiting from Minnesota!  They arrived on Wednesday, October 5. 


They spent Thursday and Friday looking around Downtown and going to museums.  They saw:
* Permanenten - The West Norway Museum of Decorative Art
* Bergen Art Museum: Lysverket (including Kunstlab, the children's art museum)
* Vilvite - Bergen Science Center
* Bryggen (historic wharf)
* A small gallery in Bryggen with a really great dollhouse display
* Bryggens Museum (an archeological museum)
* Håkon's Hall (a 750-yeat-old castle), and

One of the Dollhouses from the Display in Bryggen

Outside the Museum of Natural History on the University of Bergen Campus

Yesterday we took the Fløibanen up Mount Fløyen.  It was a beautiful day and we had a ton of fun.  Jonah had gone the day before on a class field trip, so he was able to act as our guide.

On top of Mount Fløyen, overlooking Downtown Bergen
A Friend We Met at the Park
Norwegian schools are on Fall Break right now, so there were a lot of activities for kids on Mount Fløyen, including canoeing, races, archery, and mountain climbing.  Oscar got a bullseye on his turn with a bow and arrow.  And Jonah got to climb up part of the mountain with full climbing gear!  Tragically, poor Oscar didn't get a turn to mountain climb (we hadn't realized that it only went until 3:00)--so he and Davin will have to go back later this week.

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