Sunday, September 4, 2011

Barfing! Barfing! Barfing!

It all started at the aquarium on Monday.  Sergio, who had been healthy and happy all day, barfed his brains out in front of Northern Shrimp tank, and also threw up all over himself and me on the bus home.  He was up vomiting all night long.  Tuesday, he was feeling much better, but needed a lot of rest.  Wednesday night I starting puking MY guts out and was up so many times to vomit during the night that I finally pulled a mattress in front of the bathroom door.  I was still a disaster on Thursday, when poor Jonah started puking, too.  On Friday, we were no longer throwing up, but we were both feeling really wiped out.  I noticed that my belly was much smaller and less firm than it had been before my illness, and I was worried about the baby.  So I made an appointment with a midwife, even though I knew it wouldn't be covered by our insurance (it's through Siena Heights University, Davin's permanent employer, and because we're abroad, it only covers us for emergencies--prenatal care is not included) and I had no idea whether Norwegian healthcare would cover me.  It turns out Norwegian healthcare does cover me, both for prenatal care and for a hospital birth (Phew!).  And I've heard that that this the best place on Earth to have a baby.

The midwife was great.  She measured me and listened to the baby's heartbeat.  She said the heartbeat sounded good and I was measuring fine.  She thought I just needed to eat, drink, and rest, and my tummy would get big again.  I doubted it, but it turned out she was right--by Saturday night my stomach was almost like it was.  Just in time for poor, sweet Oscar to get miserably sick and throw up all night long.  But now we've all recovered.  And Davin is the last one standing...maybe you could say a little prayer for him.

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  1. Forgive the late comment, but I can't let a story about barf pass without weighing in...

    Davin might consider making a sacrifice to Lord Ipecac. That's what I do whenever vomit is likely. Kate says 'but you don't ever vomit' as she eavesdrops on my typing. And I say, 'exactly.' But now that a week has passed, I'm sure that Davin already made his offering...

    Hey, and congratulations on baby #4. We keep talking about baby #2, and kind of can't imagine it -- yet.

    And, we might all be in Germany in January for a talk I've been invited to give -- we should plan on a European meeting...