Sunday, September 11, 2011

Children's Culture Weekend

Because this is "Children's Culture Weekend," there were free children's activities at the Bergen Art Museums.  The boys contributed to a huge work of public art.  They made bugs for a "garden" that will stretch up the front of the art museum in one direction and, in the other, all the way across the pond in Festplassen (an important landmark in the City Center).

The Beginnings of the Garden

The Path for the Garden Across the Pond

Festplassen Pond as it Usually Looks
 We also saw a gallery show about art and design through the ages.  It featured a lot of cool furniture:

Oscar said the chair Jonah's sitting in is "definitely Postmodern."

There was a hunt through the gallery for artworks depicting "fantasy figures."  This was "for inspiration" before we made our own fantasy figures out of clay:

We met up with some friends at Kunstlab -- a brand new and totally amazing art museum for children ("kunst" is the Norwegian word for "art").  They have tons of hands-on exhibits, including a hallway with pencils hanging from the ceiling where you can write all over the walls:

There was a reading room filled with a great collection of art books for children.  The kids liked looking at the books, but they loved climbing around in there even more.

Another room was filled entirely with ropes and nets for climbing.  Jonah and Oscar played in it for hours.  While they were in there, they made a new friend who could speak English (virtually all the adults in Norway speak English, but few of the kids do).  We all had a fantastic time.

Oscar and Jonah Drawing with their New Friend, Sahib

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  1. Heckmans! I love this. It is so exciting to follow you on the journey. So glad to hear all are well.