Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Best Birthday Ever!

Jonah had a fantastic 8th birthday yesterday.  He kept saying, "This is the best birthday ever!"

I made him a cake on Friday that he was very pleased with.  We decorated it with characters that I cut from a Super Mario poster and that Davin laminated:

Super Mario Bros. Cake
Jonah's big day started with the breakfast he had requested--all-you-can-eat pancakes and bacon.  I'd been up late the night before making dozens and dozens and dozens of pancakes, but it was well worth it--Jonah deemed it "the best breakfast ever."  

Next we went to an amazing water park called Vannkanten.  We swam and played for nearly eight hours straight, stopping only for a really fun lunch ("the best pizza ever," Jonah thought):

Lunch at Peppe's Pizza
The water park was an extremely good time:

Sergio put in nearly a full day's work in this kiddie pool...

...Though he did take some time off to go on water slides with Davin.
Oscar and Davin (barely visible through the steam) in an OUTDOOR POOL (Brrr!)

One of the slides spits you out onto a giant disk where you spin around and around until falling through a hole in the center (only Davin got to try it--no little kids or pregnant ladies allowed).
A friendly dancing dolphin gave the kids guns...We weren't sure if anyone would believe us, but it's true!

The Birthday Boy with his Brothers
When we got home, we had dinner and cake and Jonah opened his presents, including a ream of paper which he declared "the best present ever!" (he loves drawing and is constantly running out of paper).  After spending a few minutes playing with his new gifts and drawing, we all went to bed and slept like LOGS.

Happy Birthday, Jonah!

The next birthday will be Baby Heckman's...I'm just four days away from my due date!

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  1. So fun to see how you guys are doing! (Rachel gave me the blog address:)

    Happy birthday to Jonah. Can't wait to see the news posted of the newest Heckman baby.

    Sending warm wishes,
    Kristi Butler (and the rest of the Butler gang)