Saturday, January 21, 2012

Welcome, Isidore!

I gave birth to our fourth son, Isidore Felix Heckman, on Tuesday, January 17.  The birth was amazing.  It was such a different experience from giving birth in the US.  Here in Norway, natural childbirth is much more supported and encouraged than it tends to be in the US.  I was attended to exclusively by midwives (the Norwegian word for midwife literally means "earth mother"), who listened to the baby's heart with a wooden instrument rather than an electronic fetal monitor, and who, rather than constantly measuring my "progress," told me that I know better than anyone what's happening with my body and should let them know when I feel close to giving birth.

I labored in a tub of warm water.  I loved it--it was relaxing and provided wonderful pain relief.  I ended up giving birth in the water as well--it was such a beautiful experience.


The boys are thrilled about their new brother.  They adore little Izzy and, though Sergio still has some things to learn about babies, Jonah and Oscar are both amazingly sweet and gentle with him.  They both spend long stretches of time just holding him quietly and admiring him.



My parents are here from Minnesota.  They planned to come in time to watch the kids while the baby was being born, but they arrived from the airport just minutes after a very helpful neighbor had already rushed over to watch our boys and we had already rushed off to the clinic.  We were really surprised that arriving two days before my due date didn't get my mom and dad here in plenty of time...My other babies had all been born about two weeks late, so I just figured that my oven baked at a lower temperature and that this baby would also come well after my due date.  At any rate, Grandma and Grandpa are very happy to have gotten here in time to meet Isidore, their 18th grandchild:

Thanks to all of you who sent us congratulations and good wishes.  Baby Isidore sends you a big "Hello!"


  1. SO beautiful! How wonderful you were able to experience a water birth. I can't wait to meet him.

  2. What a handsome lad....he already looks like he fits right in with the rest of the Bergenaut family!