Monday, February 13, 2012

Good Growing, Izzy!

A week after Isidore was born, a "health visitor" came to the house and weighed him (this is standard in Norway and, I think, a really nice practice).  He still hadn't quite caught up with his birth weight.  The health visitor said this was a little concerning, so she suggested I bring him in to her office a week later to make sure he's gaining enough weight.  When I brought him for his appointment, she said he had gained 345 grams--much more than she would have expected.  I didn't understand how impressive this was until I was making lunch and noticed that a "family pack" of cream cheese weighs 300 grams--packing on more than that is not bad for a week's work.  Today, two weeks later, I took him to another appointment, and discovered that he'd gained nearly 400 more grams (that's two packages of salami).

Here's a recent picture that I thought was really cute...Isidore's brothers sure do love him.

I took the picture above while the rest of the boys were in bed.  It's a miracle that I caught Isidore smiling, since he doesn't do it at all predictably yet.  In the morning I showed it to the kids and told them that sometimes while they're sleeping and he thinks no one's looking, Izzy likes to smile a lot and crawl all over the place.  Oscar was like, "REALLY?!?"

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