Monday, February 27, 2012


The kids and I saw a fantastic bubble show at the science museum today.  It called itself "unbubblelievable" and it really was super.  It starred Jano Yang, a "soap bubble artist" who has performed around the world and holds a number of Guinness World Records relating to bubbles.  You can click here to watch a short clip of his artistry. 

The kids were totally captivated--even Izzy seemed interested.  At one point, Yang asked for a volunteer from the audience--specifically, "a boy with a nice, big smile."  Oscar, who volunteered very eagerly, and who has just such a smile, was chosen.  He was beyond thrilled.

Oscar was a big hit with the audience.  Jano Yang put a giant bubble around him, then said he'd find Oscar "a pretty girl" to join him onstage:

Oscar and the pretty girl were each given a huge bottle of bubbles for participating in the show...

The boys were so inspired by the performance that they put on a bubble show of their own Downtown while we waited for our bus.  When we got home, they blew bubbles in front of the house, attracting a sizable group of kids from the neighborhood for a big bubble blowout.

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