Monday, May 14, 2012

Barnas Kulturhus

I know I said my next blog entry would be about the 17th of May, but we went someplace on Saturday that I didn't want to leave out.  It's called Barnas Kulturhus (Children's Culture House) and it's fantastic.

Most Saturdays they host a performance for children, followed by the opportunity to explore the house's different "activity rooms."  The activities vary from week to week.

There was a "Pixel Room" where kids could glue colorful squares onto white walls to make words and designs;

a room full of really fun chairs;

and a room decorated with fur and wood where kids could use sticks, twine, and bark to create art objects inspired by nature.
There was also a room for painting and a room filled with Legos.  And this past weekend there was a huge celebration because it was the Barnas Kulturhus's 20th "birthday."  There were clowns and cake and food (waffles and fishcakes!) and lots of great performances.  It was spectacular.
Clowns on Stilts
Girls Giving out Strawberries

We watched a pirate play, a drum performance, and storytelling.

A musician led an interactive performance using lots of  unique and interesting instruments.  Oscar participated so enthusiastically that the man called him up to be in the show.  The two of them jammed together onstage for a good 10 minutes or so.
There was a very exciting hip-hop dance demonstration (just look at the very exciting picture I took of it!).

Finally, in response to popular demand, I'm posting a couple of recent (and adorable) photos of Izzy:

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