Sunday, May 20, 2012


Our next door neighbor, Stine (pronounced "steena," a Norwegian variant of Christine), invited our family to visit her parents' farm.  Her parents, Liv and Robert, came to pick up the six of us, along with Stine and her son, Jakob.  Sætregården specializes in education, therapy, and recreation, serving a variety of communities in the Bergen area, including school children, seniors, the disabled, and horseback riding students.  Given the idyllic setting, warm hospitality of our hosts, and abundance of cute animals, it's no wonder that people want to visit.

Oscar walking up the road to the farm
When we arrived, Jakob (Stine's son) gave Jonah, Oscar, and Sergio lessons on feeding the chickens and goats.  We were surprised to discover two turkeys, one of which was very big and hilarious (I believe, and the boys agree, that turkeys are funny).
Jakob, showing Sergio how to feed the goats
Sergio feeding the goats
Oscar amazed by chickens
Jonah laughing at the turkeys
After feeding the goats and chickens, we went into the stable, where the boys got to visit the horses and see the newborn lambs.  They took turns feeding one of the babies.
Jonah feeding the lamb
Next, the boys took turns riding horses.
Jonah on horseback
Then, they spent some time climbing a mountain to peek into the edge of the woods.  Sergio had some pretty carefully conceived plans that involved hitting tigers, lions, and coyotes with a stick before they could eat the goats, sheep, and chickens.
Up the mountain
Stine's parents invited us in afterwards to have waffles, ice cream, coffee, and refreshments.  For the boys, it was up there with just about any birthday party.
The boys enjoying iskrem!
An extra picture of a goat....  because goats are great.

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