Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mountain Climbing

We climbed a mountain today!  Davin and Sergio didn't make it all the way up--Sergie got tired and Davin turned around with him.  He fell asleep in Davin's arms halfway down the mountain.  But Oscar and Jonah and I climbed all the way to the top and the boys were thrilled.

Atle, Hilde, and the dogs led the way...


A View of "The Cottage" from above

Jonah and Oscar on the Mountain Top

Later, we drove to a beautiful spot nearby and had a picnic lunch.  It was right near a "tourist hut."  Norwegians and visitors to Norway do a lot of long-distance hiking and skiing, and there are over 400 tourist huts scattered all over the country where these travelers can stay.  There was also a huge statue of the head of Aasmund Olavsson Vinje, a famous Norwegian poet and journalist.  Here's Oscar sitting on top of him:

Before having a wonderful trout dinner in Hilde and Atle's flat, Sergio and I went berry picking on the mountain.  We found lots of wild blueberries and a single ripe cloudberry.  Cloudberries are special berries that grow only in cold climates, mainly in mountainous areas.

A Cloudberry

Sergio gathering wild blueberries


  1. That giant head is great!
    We need more of those in California.

  2. I remember a story Tiffany told me about gorging on wild blueberries in British Columbia.
    It gave her a few days worth of the runs.