Saturday, August 6, 2011


Davin's brother Sergio and his family are  traveling around Europe before he begins a year teaching in Spain.  They arrived last night.  The cousins were super happy to see each other and the adults had a very nice time sitting and talking.  It's wonderful to have them here.

Oscar, Cecilia, Monica, Jonah, and Sergio
Sergio, Mary, and Davin
Today we all went into the city to explore.  There was a games festival going on and live music.  I was really surprised and excited to meet some Spanish-speaking vendors selling jewelry and souvenirs in the square, but they told me there are tons of Spanish-speakers in Bergen.  More than 12% of the population of Bergen are immigrants, and they come from all over.   Currently, the greatest number of immigrants to the city are from Poland, followed by Iraq, Vietnam, and Chile.

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