Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Not Writing from Norway

We traveled all day yesterday and now we're in...Chicago.  We were supposed to fly from Michigan to Chicago, then over Michigan again (and over Norway as well) to Helsinki, Finland, and finally back to Bergen, Norway.  We took our flight from Detroit to Chicago without problems, then we boarded our flight from Chicago to Finland.  We flew for a couple hours, then, just after they served the meal, they announced there was a "non-emergency problem with the plane" and they turned the plane around and whisked the meals away before people could finish them.  They pretended it was all very routine.

Then Davin waited in line for hours and hours to book another flight while I tried to keep the kids from feeling miserable, wandering off, or wrestling.

Jonah, Sergio, and Oscar very much enjoying watching
the animated transitions between ads on an airport ad screen
Finally the airline found us a flight to Bergen with a connection in Frankfurt, Germany.  They put us up in a hotel right at the airport (Hilton) and gave us meal vouchers.  It was after 10pm by this time, so we went straight to the room thinking that since they gave us plenty in dinner vouchers ($60--$12 for each of us), we'd just order room service.  Our $60 bought us one cheese pizza, one salad, and two glasses of juice.

Right now the kids are lying in bed watching cartoons ("Dinosaur Train") and we're all feeling much better than we were last night.  Davin's in the terminal checking on something about our new tickets.  Hopefully, we'll leave this afternoon for Frankfort and, hopefully, we'll arrive in Bergen tomorrow.

Wish us luck!

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